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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Switching Business Telephone Systems

by Sylvia Miller

Voice services have had a high degree of dependability. This results in a universal assumption: everyone can use a business telephone system because it is straightforward. When companies switch business telephone systems, they are faced with many options and challenges, which may cause unintentional mistakes during the process. Here are the five most common errors when replacing a business telephone system and how you can try to prevent them.

Not Asking Actual Business Users for Their Input

When a system is chosen solely by the IT team, it might not be as user friendly to actual business users. It could be more technical. Involving business users in the selection of the business telephone system leads to a better choice in the long run although the procedure can be slowed by a bigger group. Business users frequently help clarify what works for them; the practical side of the selection.

Lack of Training on the Business Telephone System

Initially, business telephone systems on the surface it looks simple to use. However, advances in business telephone system options bring many new abilities that users may have never been exposed to previously. This includes the capacity to handle calls using a computer rather than the telephone. Potential business telephone systems users should be trained on the system in order to take advantage of the scope of the new business telephone system's features.

Not Considering Analog Requirements

Analog devices like fax machines still have problems on an IP network. Since we live in a digital age, most businesses underestimate the amount of analog apparatus that their employees are supporting. In a few situations, the devices need a TDM analog signal and just won't function if converted to IP. While analog lines outside the business phone system can support such devices, this option isn't practical when there are a good number of devices.

Not Conducting a Network Assessment

A lot of people believe their network will soon have the capacity to support voice with no trouble. However, voice is more than simply another program. It is an application that needs real time delivery of data packets. Callers on the phone cannot be delayed or redirected multiple times. Having a network assessment before you switch to a new business telephone system ensures that any kinks could be worked out before any business callers are affected.

No matter which business telephone system that you select, you will need to live with this decision for a long time. It is very important that you pick the right business telephone system for everyone with this in mind. First, you will first need to select the actual business telephone system. Then you will need to select a company such as Tele-Plus to install and support the system. The company that you choose to support the system must be a capable partner who is experienced with the selected solution.