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3 Ways That A Dedicated IP Address Can Benefit Your Website

by Sylvia Miller

If you have never thought about purchasing a dedicated IP address for your website, you might not realize the benefits of doing so. These are three of the main benefits that you can enjoy if you make this investment in your company's site.

1. Improved Uptime

One thing that is important for any business-related website is uptime. If your site goes down randomly, you have to worry about losing customers. Once your site becomes known for going down a lot, you have to worry about people failing to return. With dedicated resources, you can help improve your website's uptime and can ensure that it does not go down any more than necessary. This makes your site more reliable and helps prevent you from losing business unnecessarily.

2. Improve Your Site's Security

Another thing to consider is how secure your site is. If you take personal information from your website visitors, such as if your customers are able to purchase items online and have to enter their credit card numbers and other personal information, it is important for you to take whatever steps you can to protect this information. One great way to help improve site security is to purchase a dedicated IP address to help prevent hacking.

3. Enjoy Improved Credibility

Having a dedicated IP address is great for improving your company's credibility, and it does so because of a few reasons. It can help with search engine optimization and show that your website is legitimate. It can even help with things like email marketing; with so many spammers and scammers out there, you do not want your website's emails to be related to the spam that is out there in any way. If you send your emails from the same IP as someone who is sending out spam, you have to worry about it affecting how your emails are received. For example, if your emails are sent from an IP that is also sending out spam, you have to worry about people's email spam filters filtering out your emails, too. This is not a problem with a dedicated IP address of your own.

As you can see, a dedicated IP address can be a good thing for your website for a few reasons. Contact a lacnic IP broker for more information, and, if you want to enjoy these three benefits, consider investing in a dedicated IP for your company.