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Moving Your Home Theater From The Garage To The Basement? Store The Goods Until You Are Ready

by Sylvia Miller

A garage may be commonly used for storing vehicles, but it does not have to be used this way. Sometimes, giving it another purpose is exactly what you need to be happy in your home. If you love watching shows and movies with your family, you may have turned it into a home theater. This means you likely saved a lot of money by skipping the movie theater and had plenty of fun nights with family and friends. When you need access to the garage for another use, you should put the theater in the basement. If you know it is going to take several months to get the project finished, you can use a storage unit until then.


The most popular ways for people to show movies at home is on a large television or an HD projector. Handling the television is a little more challenging, but it can be stored safely. Start with a large box, or even the box that it came in initially, and then fill up the bottom and sides with foam board. Wrapping the television in bubble wrap is one way to gain a little more protection in case the box takes a hard impact. An important detail not to forget is adding desiccant pouches to avoid moisture problems.


It is common for home theaters to have surround sound speakers throughout the room. This means you will need to store five speakers at the minimum, but it can easily go higher for enthusiasts. Puncturing is one of the easiest ways to damage a speaker beyond repair, so this is a problem to avoid. With a shelf speaker setup, you should use a freestanding shelving unit in the storage unit to keep them all off the ground. Another thing to prioritize is climate control to keep moisture from damaging the inside parts.


Whether you have leather chairs, microfiber loveseats, or cotton couches, the furniture is going to take up a considerable amount of space in storage and it will require careful protection. Conditioning your leather furniture anywhere from once to twice a year is ideal for long-term care. Using furniture covers is not necessary, just make sure you give each piece a thorough dusting once you pick your items up.

Storing everything from the home theater while fixing up the basement might be a slight challenge, but it is worth gaining instant access to the garage and not having a cluttered home for months. Contact a business, such as A Tech Security, for more information.