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Ghostbusters! Three Reasons You Need Calibration Services Before You Hunt Ghosts

by Sylvia Miller

Whether you are a pro ghostbuster or ghost hunter, or you do this just for fun, you need your equipment to work properly. Technologically advanced EMF readers are the go-to piece for your work/hobby, but you have lots of other equipment that needs to be functioning properly before you walk into a site to hunt ghosts. Calibration services can help. Here are three reasons why you need to have calibration services performed on your equipment frequently in your line of work/your hobby.

An EMF Reader That Is "Off" Will Say There Are Ghosts Everywhere

EMF, or Electro-Magnetic Frequency readers are extremely sensitive handheld devices that catch and read spikes in electromagnetic frequency waves. Electric circuit boxes that give off high doses of these waves tend to affect the nervous systems of highly-sensitive people, making them feel and think that they are being watched, that there are ghosts or spirits in areas where there are none, etc. Generally, if you are a ghostbuster or ghost hunter who is worth your salt, you check the EMF readings around a fuse/circuit box in a place first to get a baseline reading of what is going on. Then you use the meter to patrol other areas of a house or building.

If you do not have your EMF reader/meter frequently calibrated by a company that provides calibration services, you might have a meter that surges and sends off spikes with every step you take. If the meter/reader is too sensitive, it picks up on the lightest wave off of an outlet or cable. If it is not sensitive enough, you will not get spikes at all, even when there are some clear signs of supernatural activity.

Shadows of Any Kind Will Trip Your Projection Net

Another expensive but useful tool for ghostbusting and ghost hunting is the light projection net. When dense shadows pass through the million points of light cast on a nearby area, it trips a still camera or video camera (your choice). Unfortunately, this also has to be properly calibrated so that you do not get images of barn owls, bats or other flying night creatures. 

Your Motion-Sensored Video Equipment Needs to Be Less Ground-Sensitive

Motion-sensored video surveillance cameras also need to be calibrated so that vibrations felt through the floor will not trip or activate them. Since these pieces of equipment can be set to feel everything from a bug on the floor to furniture being moved by unseen forces, you will want the calibration set so that only heavy floor movements and light air movements trigger the equipment.

If you need to have any instruments calibrated, contact a company like Washington Calibration Inc. for more information.