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Why You Should Request Azure Setup Support

by Sylvia Miller

Azure is the base for numerous servers, SaaS and PaaS systems, cloud computing instances, and data analysis tools. It is highly customizable, and it allows users to tailor the environments to their needs. However, this also means handling the setup process as tightly as possible is critical to long-term success. Requesting Azure setup support can help in the following three areas. 

Components and Services

Much of the value of Azure hinges on deploying the right components and services for your projects. If you're deploying containers to provide massively available computing power for machine learning, for example, that requires different components and services than you'd need for hosting desktop apps for an office. Azure can handle both assignments well, but you need to get the initial setup right to ensure your system will be as resilient and scalable as possible. You want the setup to be lean so you're not expending any resources unnecessarily on unutilized services.

Likewise, you'll want the components and services to match your security needs. Containers and VM have to be protected. Also, the operating systems and applications within them need to be secure. An Azure environment setup specialist can ensure that your security configuration will cover the potential exposure inherent in your use case. If you're doing publicly available web hosting on an instance, for example, you'll need the right tools to monitor against threats specific to that domain.

Avoiding Errors

You will also want to know if there aren't any errors in your setup. Suppose a company needs a highly resilient setup for critical apps. The company wants Azure to automatically detect problems with tens of containers and either restart, heal, or reprovision the containers to ensure that the apps' services are always available. An Azure setup support professional can help you design a system that properly responds to situations automatically. Also, they can configure the system to provide updates and reports so you'll understand the system's long-term health.

If there are any errors in the setup, you risk the system not handling the process correctly. It might fail to detect issues or respond to them. Maybe it does address the issues but fails to notify you.


Whether you're paying for cloud-based hosting of Azure instances or hosting them on bare metal at your location, you want the system to be as efficient as possible. An Azure environment setup specialist can identify inefficiencies in the system so it'll run quickly and cost-effectively.