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Common Questions When Upgrading Your Business's Phone Systems

by Sylvia Miller

Communicating with clients or customers is one of the most important parts of managing a business. Telephones are among the most common ways of communicating, and businesses will need to ensure that there are numerous lines available to ensure that the lines are not all busy at the same time. However, if you are upgrading your business's phone systems, you may be overwhelmed by the various options that are available, and it should be no surprise that there are a couple of questions that you may want answered. 

Are Wireless Phones Good For Business Use?

Corded phones are the most basic type of phone that you can buy, but many people do not like feeling tangled by the cord. As a result, wireless phones have grown into a very common option, but it should be noted that these may not be best for businesses that deal with sensitive information. 

It is possible for individuals to monitor the frequencies used by wireless phones, and this can allow them to listen to conversations. While it is possible to purchase a wireless phone with a scrambler, these can be cost prohibitive when you are needing phones for a large number of employees. Due to these limitations, your business may be better served by traditional corded phones. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Phone Services?

Technological innovation has allowed new types of phone services to emerge, and Internet-based phone providers have grown into a major competitor to traditional phone providers. Fortunately, these changes have dramatically benefited businesses that need a large number of phone numbers. 

When you have a cloud-based phone service, it is possible for all of your employees to have their own extension, a designated receptionist line, and voicemail for authorized employees for a fraction of the cost traditional providers would charge. However, this is not the only advantage of these service providers. Cloud-based services can also store any information that is needed for your system, and this includes voicemails, phone numbers, and any other vital pieces of data. This ensures that if your building is damaged or destroyed, you will not lose all of the telecommunications data that you need to keep the business running. 

Ensuring that your business is able to speak with clients and customers is one of the most basic tasks that you can do as a manager. By understanding the disadvantages of wireless phones and the benefits of cloud-based services, you can help ensure that your business gets the right phone system for its needs. Talk to a professional like Phonz Plus for help selecting the service best for your business.