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Using A Tablet In The Classroom

by Sylvia Miller

Technology can be a huge help in the classroom. Whether you have students who have learning challenges, or you have students who need to be challenged, a tablet can be used to good effect in the classroom. While students might be more keen to use their tablet for entertainment purposes, with careful supervision, a tablet can help to boost scores in many different disciplines. 

An Electronic Library

One key to reading is to interact with the text. A good reader will make comments, ask questions, create cross-references between different passages in the same text, and compare one text to another. A book reader app on a tablet will allow a reader to highlight passages and create notes. The highlighting feature allows a reader to quickly mark passages that stand out, and the notes feature will help a reader to add thoughts and record links to other passages or texts. In some cases, the reader will have a notebook feature that will allow the reader to quickly access all highlights and notes. Thus, with a tablet reader, you can quickly mark up a text and efficiently access all of your notes.

Speech to Text

Some students struggle with handwriting. They can get ideas on paper, but recording these ideas with legible handwriting is a real challenge. Training designed to improve handwriting can only help so much. Some word processor apps will have a speech-to-text feature that allows the student to speak into the tablet. The microphone on the tablet will catch the words and feed them into the app, and the spoken words will appear on the page as text. Later, the student simply has to go back through and add punctuation and correct any errors that occur as the text is converted to speech. 

Math Help

You can get all the functionality of a graphing calculator on the same device that you use for reading and writing help. Students' backpacks are full enough as it is. Anything you can do to cut down on the sheer bulk of books and devices that students have to haul around is a good idea. 

These are just a few examples of the types of apps that you can use to help students in an educational setting. If you can't afford to purchase a tablet for your student, you should look into renting one from a service like National Computer Rentals. A good rental price will help to keep costs low while still allowing your student to get all of the help that a tablet can provide.