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Minimizing Shoplifting From Your Clothing Boutique Without Scaring Away Customers

by Sylvia Miller

If you just opened a clothing boutique in a busy area, keeping your wares from being stolen is most likely one of the worries you have on your mind. Shops located in areas where there are several potential shoppers are more at risk for having items stolen simply because there are more people frequenting the area. Shoplifting is a problem that can be thwarted with security measures you use within your store on a daily basis, however, keeping them undercover is more desirable as shoppers will be less likely to feel uncomfortable while looking at your selections. Here are some ways you can keep your clothing from stolen while retaining customers in the process.

Place Security Cameras Properly

When people see too many security cameras in an establishment, it tends to make them nervous, possibly leaving the area without browsing as a result. To avoid this type of behavior, place cameras strategically in your boutique. Placing cameras among decor on high shelves, behind pictures hanging on walls, or peeking down through pinholes in the ceiling is a better way in seeing what is going on in your store than having cameras out in plain sight. Shoppers will not feel the pressure of being watched and may stay long enough to make a purchase.

Place a sign at the entrance of your shop indicating you have cameras on the premises so those who were coming to try to steal, will think twice about their actions. A camera in sight behind the cash register can also be helpful in warning thieves you are adamant about keeping theft from being a problem. For more information about security cameras, visit a business like American Wireless Alarm Inc.

Hire Security Staff To Help

Having a few people come to your shop to look over camera footage in real-time can be beneficial in thwarting shoplifters from taking wares. A security guard will alert you via earpiece that someone is about to steal so you can get to that area of your store quickly to catch them in the act. Having a separate security person pose as a shopper is another way to stop theft from happening. The security staff member will tell the shoplifter to leave the establishment immediately or they can alert authorities if you desire.

Tag Each Clothing Item

Using a security tag system is a great way to minimize theft as shoplifters will be caught as soon as they try to leave the premises of your store. Place a tag on each clothing item in an unobtrusive area, such as a pant leg or sleeve where it is less likely to be noticed. Your cashiers would be responsible for the deactivation of the tag by scanning it so a buyer can walk out of the store without an alarm system going off. If someone does try stealing, the alarm system will alert staff so they can make a call to police. Some tag systems also have ink within the tag itself, causing dye to run all over a robber's hands if they try removing the tag to steal an item.