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Getting A New Desktop PC? 4 Ways To Avoid Excessive Dust Buildup

by Sylvia Miller

Desktop computers and laptops are pretty much the same; laptops are just smaller and less customizable. However, while laptops are difficult to open up and keep clean throughout the years, a desktop PC has a large case that you can quickly open and start cleaning in a matter of seconds. Excessive dust buildup leads to overheating and component problems in both laptops and desktop computers. So, when getting a new desktop PC, you should know how to keep dust problems at bay to extend your PC's life.

Keep Your Case Above the Ground

If you keep your desktop case on the floor in a carpeted room, you are asking for dust buildup. If possible, you should refrain from using a room that has carpeting, but this may not be possible. The best thing to do is keep your case off of the floor, such as on your desk if it has enough space.

Get Filters for Your Fans

When you purchase a case for your computer, it will generally come with a few fans, and then you will have several slots to put in additional fans to increase airflow. It is important to look at the features for these cases, as you want to get ones that have fan filters included with each fan slot. However, an alternative is to buy your own fan filters to attach when building or working on the computer.

Circulate the Air Correctly

One of the most important parts of building a computer is setting up the fans in the right orientation. If you do it incorrectly, not only are you going to get minimal results when it comes to keeping the PC cool, but you are going to prevent the dust that does make it into the case from making a quick exit.

If you are more worried about dust, rather than optimal cooling, you can always create positive pressure with more intake fans than exhaust fans. Another tip to keep in mind is that cable management can drastically reduce dust problems, as these particles will not have a place to get stuck on. All cases allow for some cable management, but certain ones give you plenty of room to move cables out of the way.

Whether you are building your own PC or getting professional assistance, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. Understanding dust issues will help you make the best purchases and keep your PC clean. For more information, contact a local computer shop like Geek City