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4 Tricks For Scanning Documents More Effectively

by Sylvia Miller

If you have to use the scanner on your copy machine for business purposes, you want the documents that you scan to come out looking nice and clear. Ideally, there should not be that much difference in quality between the original and the scanned version of a document; however, that is not what always happens. These four tips will allow you to scan documents more effectively and more clearly 

#1 Increase The Resolution

Resolution is one of the setting options that you will be presented with when preparing to scan a document on your copier. The default resolution on most copiers is set to the lowest setting in order to create a smaller file. If the clarity of the document is what is most important to you, and not the file size, you need to change the resolution. 

On many copiers, you'll find that the default resolution is 200dpi. Bump up the resolution to at least 300dpi. If the settings on your scanner are different, increase the dpi at least 100 points and see if the scan is crisper. Increase the dpi until you get an image that is crisp and sharp. The file size will be larger, but the image should be much clearer.

#2 Enable The Auto Color Scanning

The auto color scanning option often gets turned off on scanners when someone wants an image to go through in just black and white and then it doesn't get turned back on. On the options menu, check and make sure that the auto color scanning is enabled.

This setting, when enabled, allows your scanner to pick up on both colors as well as black text, and having it enabled can help increase the clarity of both colored scans as well as black and white documents. 

#3 Turn On Two-Sided Option

If you have a document that is two-sided, don't waste time flipping the document back and forth. Instead, see if your scanner has a two-sided option.

Most copier/scanner combinations that have some sort of feed tray also have a two-sided scanning operation. This can help speed up the scanning process and result in less scanning mistakes.

#4 Turn On OCR Detection

To make your documents more useful once they are scanned, make sure that OCR detection is turned on. OCR detection will ensure that when your document is turned into a pdf file, you will be able to search it more easily. It will allow you to put in specific keyword or number and find it easily within the documents that you scanned. Doing this will make the pdf files you create more useful and usable. 

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