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Choosing The Best Broadband ISP For Your Needs

by Sylvia Miller

If you have recently moved and need to choose a new internet service provider (ISP), then you may be confused about the different types of internet services that are provided to you. There are many different types of internet that are classified under the umbrella term of broadband. However, not all broadband services are going to provide you with the reliable and speedy internet that you desire. Cable and fiber-optic services are typically the best. Keep reading to learn why these types of broadband are likely to be a good choice for you.

Broadband Cable

Broadband cable internet is exactly what it sounds like; it is offered by your cable television provider. The internet comes into your home through the cable television wires that also transmit your digital television channels. This means you can often use your cable provider as your ISP. Cable internet has the advantage of providing a strong signal regardless of how far your home is located from the ISP. This may be advantageous if you live in the country far from the cable supplier. 

Cable internet is available in many parts of the country and it is typically faster and more reliable than a service like DSL. You should know that the speed of the internet will depend on how many people in your home and neighborhood are using the internet service at one time. This means you may experience slow speed if you live in a highly congested area where many people are using a large amount of bandwidth. For example, if you and dozens of other people are using Netflix at one time, then you may notice slow internet speeds.

Broadband Fiber-Optic

Fiber-optic internet or FIOS is the fastest and most reliable internet that you can buy. Connections are made through extremely thin optic cables made from glass, and the light moves across the cables to connect users to the internet. Fiber-optic internet connections transmit information at the speed of light. This means that you literally cannot find an ISP that offers a faster internet connection. 

FIOS is often quite a bit more expensive than cable internet and other broadband services. It is also not available in all areas of the country. If you can get FIOS though, and use a great deal of bandwidth each month, then the cost is often worth it. You also do not have to worry about sharing bandwidth with other users, so you will experience high speeds at all times. 

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